Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hand Printed Boho Chic Summer Tees

Ever since my post about Fashion Fabric Printing, I have been anxious to put that into action! So, months ago, I purchased some very simple organic gauze cotton "t-shirts" from an ETSY shop based in Thailand. They have a curved hem, round neck, capped sleeves and an easy "swing" style. If I was going to print directly onto an already-made garment, I needed it to have fairly simple lines, so this style was perfect. And, rather than being knit, the cotton gauze definitely added to the boho vibe I was going for!

Of course, being a bohemian-style printing project, I had to start with my Hippie Chick stamp set. Both the stamps and this shirt were specifically created to release your inner flower child! Adding to this, the cotton gauze takes the fabric paint beautifully. Printed in two different rose tones, I think the result is quite appealing.

This one is a little more elaborate and makes use of another obvious choice, my Bohemian Dreams stamp set. It is printed in three shades of blue which brings to mind the batiked, indigo-dyed fabrics that are so popular these days.

I considered printing more around the neckline and/or sleeves on this one but decided to keep it simple. A very clean look and more like a basic graphic tee. The leafy floral motif, printed in two shades of green, is from my stamp set that I call Castle Courtyard.

Using diamond motifs from my Ashley's Garden Companions stamp set, I gave this blouse more of a retro look. I went crazy with this one and printed the front, sides....

..........AND the back!

Last but not least, a blouse with simple and pretty stripes made up of a smaller leafy motif from Castle Courtyard stamps.

You might be thinking, if I bought these shirts months ago, why did it take so long to get them in the shop? Were they terribly complicated and difficult to print? Absolutely not! Just practice on paper first! Iron a crease on the center/front (and back if want to continue there) of your shirt to use as a guide, then get in your zen mode, turn on the music, hold your breath and print! 

My Fabric Printing Gift Set is just what you need to get started!

Unfortunately, I am very sad to report that the shop where I purchased these plain white cotton gauze shirts has since closed. So, these pretty shirts are most definitely "LIMITED EDITION"! But, if you want to make your own, I am sure you can find something similar. Or just start with a basic knit t-shirt - the tighter (smaller? smoother?) the knit, the better. 

OK, why the delay? Well, in-between buying the shirts and now, I was approved to open a shop on ETSY Wholesale! Yay! That's right, I am now selling Yardwork Clear Decor Stamps wholesale. The short story is, I had a lot to figure out! 

So, if you are a retailer, be it "brick and mortar" or online, and would like to carry my stamp sets, please contact me through my retail ETSY shop or at yardworkartwork@gmail.com. If you are not yet signed up for buying on ETSY Wholesale, I can send you a special guest pass to view my line sheet. Please note, only my stamps sets will be available wholesale - NOT the other fabric printing supplies that I carry or bohemian fabric by the yard.

After that, if you want to view more and more on ETSY Wholesale, I'm sure it's easy to sign up. Warning: you will definitely need to provide a tax resale number 
and proof that you are buying for resale.

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