Sunday, November 6, 2016

Utility Aprons for all kinds of Yardwork!

I spent a lot of time in the early fall sewing these aprons for my ETSY shop. These would make a great gift for the gardener, crafter, painter, sculptor, or seamstress in your life! Or maybe you just know someone very involved in home repair! Perfect! Basically a tool belt for women.

The main body of this apron is made up of very heavy natural linen which makes it super sturdy! You can put all sorts of tools in the pockets without worrying about damage.

I had a lot of fun using some of the scraps from my first collection of block printed fabric, along with the heavy linen, for this fun "boho" style apron. This one, I washed and then hung it to dry. I decided not to iron and I really like the casual rumpled look. Plus, who likes to iron?

Here is an ironed version!

These three sturdy linen aprons have lots of different sized pockets. And, all three aprons have this "specialty pocket" which is made up of one tall skinny pocket (great for scissors), a shorter pocket which is good for a cell phone or a notepad, then a quilted business card sized pocket right above the hem. You could keep business cards there, if you are a professional seamstress or a craft vendor, or any other small item such as a box of pins, measuring tape, seeds, a recipe....the list goes on!

I also added this slightly elasticized strip of fabric which is great for holding a hand towel and keeping it within reach! I really tried to think through what a person needs while doing their work and, in most cases, keeping your hands clean is important!

This apron is the original and more simply designed style I have carried in my shop in the past. People have really liked these - they have sold well and have gotten great reviews from customers. This style is lighter weight and is very comfortable to wear. It has three evenly sized pockets rather than the elaborate combination of pockets in the heavy linen aprons. 

Same style as the red apron, but this gold and black one has four pockets. The ties on all aprons are long enough to wrap around and tie in front. 

Would love to make more before Christmas
but I doubt I will have time.

Lots of things in the works! 

But if these sell out, I'll make more in the spring, so stay tuned!

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