Monday, January 25, 2016

Ideas for Fashion Fabric Printing

I love movies. I frequently end my day by watching some random independent film, at home, that I find on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. I have taken a chance on many and have mostly been pleasantly surprised! I have to admit that I'm not too picky. Maybe that is because, even if I don't enjoy the storyline, I can still enjoy the visuals. Last night's feature is a good example. I was happy to find a new Woody Allen film that I somehow missed when it was in the theaters (probably very briefly) this past summer. I've always been a Woody Allen fan, and even his less successful films deliver very stylish and lush visual experiences. I would say "The Irrational Man" is such a film, more of a sketch than a fully realized cinema experience but it was very pleasing to watch. I loved all the attractive actors and the seriously flawed characters they played. The story took place on a leafy college campus near the coast, allowing for varied and beautiful scenic shots. The weather was perfect throughout! However, the big surprise was that I was very inspired by Emma Stone's clothing. I don't usually go to the movies expecting to find fabric printing inspiration!

Here is Emma with her handsome co-star, Jaoquin Phoenix, wearing an absolutely charming embroidered top. Of course, you know what I'm thinking! Rather than using embroidery, couldn't that easily be strategically placed stamped motifs? Or, even better, combine the stamped motifs with embroidery!

A closer look!

One could print the fabric first....possibly after cutting the shirt or dress pattern so that you get the placement exactly right. For the sweet tank top in the photo above, looks like just a few swatches would be all that you would need to create something really special. I realize this is winter and these are warm weather tops, but I think the idea could be adapted for winter clothing or the lighter weight tops could be used as layering pieces. Who doesn't wear tank tops to peek out from under sweaters or jackets all year long? Also, never too soon to start sewing for spring/summer. Warm weather will be here before you know it!

It was not easy finding a good photo of this dress. Different motifs make up the sides on the body of the dress, the strip going across her chest, and then the strips going over her shoulders. Quite stunning when you see it in action! And although the movie was not his best, it was fun, quirky and surprising. Worth a watch!

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And, what do you know, while searching for Emma Stone's blouse images, I discovered that I was, of course, not the ONLY one out there who was inspired!

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