Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sneak Peek at My New Stamp Sets

It's true! I have been working really hard the past few months on some new stamp sets. And here is proof!

I design my stamps and all the packaging myself but the actual stamps are manufactured by a  professional stamp-making company in Indiana. So, there is a little back & forth that has to go on. I send them the computer files, which include both the stamp images and a shape for the back of each stamp. They make a sample of each set and send that back to me. I then test each stamp to be sure the details will be clear and that the stamped image is what I had in mind. I use some sort of scrap fabric for testing, in this case a piece of plain muslin that is impossible to iron, making it not that useful for other projects! The fabric has just enough texture to challenge the details that most of the stamps have. I grab a random color of fabric paint and stamp away!

This is the largest stamp in a set with a medieval feeling. The "white" areas in the center closed up a bit too much, so it doesn't have the central floral motif I was shooting for. So, I had to do a little redesign on this one. 

And here are the two main stamps in a set inspired by textile blocks from India. I'm happy with these but I did have to increase the line width in the round one. This set makes some really great patterns! Can't wait to show you!

The time in between sending the files and receiving the samples gives me a chance to sort of step back and then look at the motifs again with "fresh eyes".  I did like the graphic simplicity of the center flower on this one, but my "fresh eyes" convinced me to make that flower a little more complicated and interesting. You are going to like this set. It has a fun "hippie" vibe!

Some of you might recognize this spiky Mid-Centruy Modern style flower stamp. It used to be a red rubber stamp in my shop and was very popular. But, to tell you the truth, the clear stamps print MUCH better on fabric so I phased out of the red rubber and built a clear stamp set around this fun flower. 

And this is from a set designed to increase the possibilities of my Ashley's Garden set. Ashley's Garden has sold well enough but I've always felt perhaps it is somewhat misunderstood. I think because of the heart shape being so prominent in the largest stamp, although that works well if you want to make something for your valentine! However, the way I look at it, with the right color combinations,  it can create patterns with a slight Wiener Werkstatte look. Adding a little more "vocabulary"  will help with that I think. I'm going to call the new one "Ashley's Garden Companions". Surprise!

And who can resist a little bird stamp! It's a very delicate stamp and the sample told me to make the eye bigger! I also shortened the tail a bit. The rose and leaf next to it are all a part of the same set, which is inspired by spongeware pottery. I'm going to call it "Kitchen Window".

So now I am waiting for the corrected samples and hopefully those will be good to go into production. Cutting it close here - but hopefully I will have a large new inventory in time for holiday shopping. 

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