Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hand Printed Burlap Table Runners

I never really got involved in the (not so) recent shabby chic-ish burlap home decor trend. Is that over? I don't even know for sure, but I suspect it is way past it's prime. So, I'm not really clear on why I purchased about 2 yards of burlap (online) a couple of weeks ago. I was in my stamp designing frenzy, spending hours on the computer, and a promotional email from a fabric store came in offering quite a deal on burlap. Yep, that's it, I got sucked in. I am very vulnerable that way. I believe my original intention was to make some sort of kitchen floor covering. The jute is pretty sturdy and you can print it and hem it and wouldn't that be fun? At least I thought so at the moment and I do still think it's a pretty good idea. However, I ended up making a couple of table runners instead. Why?

Well, because I did this really quick test with a stamp and fabric paint. The fibers absorbed the paint beautifully. I was inspired!

But what really impressed me, and sent me into the table top direction, was that the beautifully absorbed paint did not absorb all the way to the back of the fabric. That rarely happens. I've only been able to achieve that result with the very heaviest of linen and really heavy linen is expensive and a little hard to iron. Often creases will not go away no matter how much steam you blast into them. Anyway, I did soon discover that most of my stamps won't print well on burlap because they are too detailed (and my stamps are more "graphic" than most clear stamps on the market). I could only work with the most simple of shapes and, luckily, I have some simple shapes coming up in one of my new stamp sets which I, of course, have samples of. I'm planning to call this particular set "Bebop" because it has that sort of jazzy 50s vibe.

So, this (above) was my first attempt. Very simple. It definitely suits my taste, I don't know about anyone else's. Looks great with vintage dishes (think 40's& 50's) or stoneware pottery (although I don't happen to have any of that, I can only imagine!). I like that it is not overly feminine. Could even be a gift for a man. A man that cooks and entertains. 

Like my turkey plate?

Then I moved on to this one (shown above). Again, simple. I allowed the edge to fringe a bit more and I like it that way. I like that fuzziness of the fringe along with the texture of the burlap itself. That is my kind of table runner! And I have not met too many I like. Too fussy. When hosting a dinner party, I usually just arrange a well-loved vintage fabric swatch in the middle of the table or layer a few old vintage tablecloths. My dishes are "vintage" and all my serving dishes are mix & matched things I have collected over the years, so this is the look for me. And I'm sure there are other people like me out there and they are all going to be my new target market! Finally I have found them!

Most likely I will give these as Christmas gifts.

Then I will continue to perfect my craft.

The bad news is: I'm out of burlap. Should I buy more? Also, my stamp sets will not be delivered until November 20th! Yikes. My stamp manufacturer must be really busy because it usually only takes about 2 weeks. This is more like four weeks..... but I'm not going to let it get me down.

 I might possibly have them all photographed and in my shop by Thanksgiving. 

So, until then.....


  1. Wow, Susan, looking great. Am sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the arrival of your new stamps. All the best, Lindsay, Switzerland

  2. Thans Lindsay, keeping my fingers crossed they will be here early next week!