Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fabric Paint Gift Sets - Color Combination Samples

Hello! As promised, here are a few sample watches showing some different color combinations using either the Soft Tones or Jewel Tones fabric paint sets. I find photographing color on fabric really challenging but I've done my best because I really wanted to give you some idea of how the colors work together.

First of all, the Soft Tones

Soft tone colors work best on lighter colored fabrics. Here we have "Old Rose", "Sweet Pea" (green), and "Country Blue" on an almost-white fabric ground. The red in this set is the brightest of the six  colors and will always attract the most attention. The blue, green and yellow will always sort of "hang back" from the red. 

However, the "Pewter", or grey, is closer in value to the red, so it can be used as an "equal". These two colors used together have a very clean + modern feel, while the grey along with all the others in the set are a bit "dusty" and will give you that "old country charm" feeling - especially if used on an ivory, cream, or beige ground. 

For instance, the "Sweet Pea" and "Country Blue" on this lovely dark cream, sort of antique looking, linen.  

Or, on the same dark cream linen, we have "Sweet Pea" with "Terra Cotta" and "Golden Pineapple". Yellow is almost always the lightest color and it's often hard to get it to work, as an equal, with other colors. And that is true here. That is why I used it as more of a background color, allowing the green and orange to "pop" forward more. The orange, or "Terra Cotta" as about as strong as the red, or "Old Rose" but more "dusty". I had to work with the color palette from the company - could not do custom mixing. I think the colors all work pretty well, but you could try mixing small amounts in a separate container. For instance, adding a little of the grey or green to the red would "dusty" it up a bit. Or perhaps a little yellow in the orange would brighten the orange up a bit. Try it on a plate first with just a few dabs of paint.

Last but not least, the "Terra Cotta" and "Sweet Pea" on a light celery green linen. So you CAN work with some lightly colored grounds - experiment!

The stamps used above are from my "Garden Party" and "Wild Flowers" stamp sets.

Now, lets look at the Jewel Tones

I love this one. I think green and purple is one of my favorite color combinations. This is the "Merlot" and "Hunter Green". The "Merlot", or purple, is very dark and looks almost black or brown at times, making it a nice alternative to those neutrals. And we can print on slightly darker grounds with this  brighter, deeper jewel tone set. These colors were printed on a rather dark, natural colored linen. The texture of the fabric is quite rustic and look at how sharp the motifs are! These are from my "Modern Flowers" stamp set.

And here is the "Medium Blue" with the black on the same creamy, antique-looking linen fabric that I used with the green and blue - and also the yellow, green and orange - soft colors above. You can see, with the brighter colors, it has a much more modern feeling.

And now on an almost-white ground (same fabric as the very top two photos), we have the "Merlot" again, this time with "Colonial Gold" and "Red #35". This is about as strong of a yellow as one can find - and it's coming close to being "an equal" here - but the red is much brighter and the "Merlot", of course, is much darker. Equally distributed, they look great together and keep the pattern from looking flat. 

Now, the real fun - and bargain! - with these paint sets is that I am now offering them as part of a fabric printing craft set. Great gift idea! For yourself or for your favorite crafter this holiday season! For only $17.00, the basic gift set includes the six 1oz. paint set and the three half-inch acrylic blocks, along with the very handy sponge stippler. The sponge stippler is usually used for stenciling, but it is the most fabulous tool for applying the paint - in a very thin layer! - onto my delicate clear decor stamps. But that is not all! You have the option to add stamp sets to the gift set - and the more you buy, the more you save. If you buy four stamp sets, they will each cost only $6.00 when they usually cost $10.00. Not bad.

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