Thursday, September 24, 2015

Indian Print Cotton Scarves for Fall - Long and Skinny Scarf Fall Fashion Trend!

Believe it or not, a cotton scarf is hard to find. I know because I've spent a lot of time over the years searching for them!

I purchased the one pictured directly above at Pier One Imports in Charlotte, North Carolina back in about 1991. I didn't realize it would be the only scarf I would want to wear for at least the next ten years! I found the cotton fabric so comfortable (breathable!) in all kinds of weather. Even winter! Anyway, you can see that I basically wore it until it started falling apart at the edges. And although I don't wear it anymore, I can't bear to throw it away. I guess there are just a lot of memories there.

But that scarf is a 40" square, which was always a bit awkward to wrap up and wear. Obviously I found a way! I would fold it into a triangle and then fold that triangle until it was long and somewhat skinny, then wrap it around my neck about 2 times, starting in front, for warmth. Sometimes I would tie it securely close to my neck for even more warmth. But I think I have come up with a better solution with my long & skinny indigo scarf seen above. It is about 10.5" wide and 70" long. The "top" edge starts to curve in about 5" from the middle until it reaches each end. As you can see, the curve allows the scarf to drape - or cascade - nicely when worn loosely around the neck. 

Of course, you can also wrap it and tie it!

My poster in the background is putting a super-groovy bohemian spell on it. 

That's a free service!

Here is another, made just as long but more skinny (only about 6").  
And this one is not curvy - just angled at the ends.

Not sure about everyone else but I'm sort of "done" with infinity scarves. It's a shame because they were so fun to make! I needed a new way to share my love of a cotton scarf so I googled to see what the new shape trend is and, yep, long & skinny! Mine are not quite as skinny because I'm still looking for that weather protection! I'm just practical that way, I guess. A scarf this skinny would feel skimpy if it were only one layer of cotton fabric, so mine are two layers. They have angled ends and top stitching all the way around, which keeps the seams flat. That way it is not an ironing nightmare. But I would recommend either hand-washing or machine-washing and then just hanging to dry. They dry quickly and, if hung, won't really require ironing. Love that! Who wants to iron their scarves? Not me.

A really stunning scarf made with "Feathering Stripes" fabric.

And another that is only 4" wide. 

I still have quite a bit of fabric to work with but I hesitate to use it up in case someone wants to make curtains or pillows. But, don't hesitate to ask for your own custom long & skinny scarf. You can contact me through my shop. All the indigo fabrics are particularly beautiful, stylish, and scarf-worthy. 

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