Friday, July 18, 2014

Indigo Blues

Just a few weeks and I'm already out of my Indigo Flower fabric! Indigo is so popular now. I sold almost all of it to one person. I know she is planning to make curtains because that is what she told me when she ordered the first 12 yards. But, once she received it, she loved it so much she asked how much more I had.

 I could have sold her another 12 yards but I had already cut off two to make this kaftan-style blouse that is now in my Etsy shop. So, I was only able to sell her 10 more. But that is a total of 22 yards! Perhaps she is making a bedcover and pillows to match the curtains. How nice!

This is the side view of the blouse which shows off how I lined the sleeves with the indigo dot pattern  I carried in my shop last summer. I have just a few swatches of that left and plan to use them in my own sewing projects.

These loose fitting kaftans (or caftans) are a bit trendy now, it seems. Flashback to the 70s! They can be blouses, dresses, beach cover-ups or layering pieces. There are a few different ways to make them but they are based on a simple square or rectangle with a hole cut out of the center for your head. The sides have to be closed somehow, unless it's going to be a breezy cover-up, leaving about 9 - 10 inch openings for your arms. It's nice to add a little shaping, but they can also just be worn loose. For this one, I attached the indigo dot pattern as a lining 5.5 inches in from each side and then made a diagonal seam which goes from each lower corner and up about 14 inches, meeting the lining seam 5.5 inches in from each side. It is my version of the blouse in this tutorial.

But, back to the indigo fabric shortage! Here is a small pattern I arranged to have printed in India. It should be here in about two weeks.

Here is the image of the first sample they sent to me by email for approval. You can see how the design changes with the process. I was counting on that! 

I was hoping to have this print to coordinate with the Indigo Flower print but now it will have to work on it's own. Hope you like it and I'll let you know when it arrives!

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