Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More fabric….

Exclusive to Yardwork!

Just arrived today

I am so happy with both of these!

I designed six different prints but because of a breakdown in communication, I was only able to have two designs printed. And now that I have these two, I am even more sad that I did not accomplish producing all six. But I will eventually, I promise! Lesson learned: keep it simple. Not easy working by email. Sadly, I can not afford the time or money to travel to India.

The indigo has two shades of blue - if you look closely you can see the alternating blues in the triangle shapes. I am calling it "Indigo Petals" because that is how I saw it when I was designing it. The end result has much more of a circular character….but I like that! And, with the lighter blue and so much white created by the resist, the effect is very airy. I say "airy" but it makes me think of the ocean. Ocean  breezes perhaps! Believe me, it's even better in person; seeing long running yards of it. I like the reverse side of it also and it would be nice to make use of that. Scarves?

Would be nice if I can find enough of the other two prints (now basically sold out except for a few swatches) to make some indigo fat quarter bundles! They are all so happy together!

I designed this black and cream print, that I am calling "Wild Flower", to try to stand in for the beautiful "Black Leaf" pattern I had last year. I absolutely love that print but it had it's limitations. First of all, it is difficult to work with a one-directional print. 

And, apparently, it was just the nature of that block that created this bad horizontal striping in the all-over repeat. They said they could not correct it.  That particular carved block prints the background color rather than the foreground, so it is tricky to hand print that negative space  and get it just right. In "Wild Flower", even though it is also a background block, the motifs touch each other, making it much easier to register. 

And I like the way you can make your eyes see the black as the foreground and then switch it back to the background….not sure that is a key element of good design, but fun nevertheless! 

Both prints now available in my shop!

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