Saturday, February 15, 2014

My New Model

I finally broke down and purchased a dress form to model whatever "fashion accessory" I might decide to sew up. Strange because I had been trying to make a policy with myself not to do anymore sewing for my Etsy shop. But, you know, I've got all this fabric to tempt me! I know myself too well…..

The wooden peg topper is a little spooky, so I tried to create at least the suggestion of a head. An atmospheric head, if you will. 

It's an improvement over the simple wire hanger, I do believe. And the scarf has since sold! Who knows if the model made the difference? It's really a lovely fabric combination. Perhaps I'll make another. 

There are a few other scarves still available,
such as this pretty red one….

a very dazzling one in indigo ….

….and another red scarf, using my "Flower Field" fabric from India.
This is one of my favorite block printed fabrics that I carry.

My new model also comes in handy for  apron display!

This is a new item in my shop. A simple half apron made from a hem-stitched linen placemat. I purchased a few of these blank linen placemats during my pre-holiday placemat obsession. They are on the large side and I lost interest in the original idea I had for them. I also had a roll of 1" off-white cotton twill tape sitting around with no place to go, so this apron was born out of a need to make use of extra supplies! The only hold-up I had was how to deal with the raw edges on the ends of the twill tape ties. I tried folding the ends under and sewing, but the result was a bit bulky. I tried making little fabric tab ends, but that clearly was going to add hours to what should be a simple project.

I finally came up with these metal ribbon ends. I had to search to find some that didn't have little rings on them for jewelry making. I think they are a nice touch. 

It is amazingly lightweight and comfortable to wear. I wear the "design development" sample that I made all the time. It solves the "where is my phone" or "where are my glasses" problem very well!

I hope to make a few more today in different color choices. 

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