Friday, February 21, 2014

Block Printed Placemats and Napkins

This is the placemat I developed as a result of my pre-holiday placemat obsession.

At least I finally got results, right?
I've just finished sewing the whole set of four

I'm quite happy with the design, which has this kind of loose, frilly feeling. I call it my "Bohemian Style Placemat" because it goes against the establishment! One usually expects to see the central focus fabric embedded within the mitered framing fabric. But these fabrics float freely, one on top of the other. There is no stuffy batting, it's basically three layers of cotton fabric (there is an extra sandwiched between the two that you see) which is really plenty to protect your table. It's not meant to be a trivet!

My placemats now have matching napkins!  This set will be great for spring and summer entertaining…and gift giving!

I feel like I am becoming the "Queen of Mitered Corners". Or maybe I just think I deserve that title after all the tutorials and videos I've watched on the subject! I'm exploring all the ways to sew them, in search of the easiest way because they are so very tedious and yet look so simple. I think I found a new way, all by myself, on about the third napkin! It's just a little short-cut to add to the arsenal of tips and techniques found elsewhere on the web. Can't wait to put it to more use and, someday, post a tutorial. In the meantime, if you know a short cut to a mitered corner, please share!

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