Wednesday, January 22, 2014

African Wax Print Fabric

Made in Holland

Back in December I wrote about my interest in African wax prints. Well, I did it. I took the plunge and purchased just enough to get the wholesale price along with free shipping! However, I now feel like I am swimming in fabric while I am a bit overwhelmed by other projects (which will remain top secret at this point). I rushed today to get at least half of this incredibly exotic fabric listed in my shop. The descriptions are at a minimum but I hope to add to them later as there is so much to say about this type of fabric. For now, hopefully the pure pop value of the designs will speak for themselves!

Yards and yards of artwork, I must say!

very large scale prints!


Makes quite a statement!

Traditionally used for clothing, this fabric has made it's way into home decor in a big, beautiful and exciting way. Take a look at these fabulous chairs I found at Six Bougies!

So fun!

Looks great in a more classic setting!

I feel like recovering all my furniture all of a sudden.


  1. Lovely! I have a couple of prints stashed away, to make dresses from, but you know how long that takes.... Luckily I found a dress shop nearby that sells designers from all over Africa. And they had a sale on! My purchases were a bit more subdued than these prints, but still lovely.

  2. Hi Jesse! Yes I am looking forward to somehow learning to make a summer dress for myself out of one of these gorgeous prints. I'm also thinking of making some really large and long curtains. One great feature is the print is the same on both sides, so I can share the curtains with all of Brooklyn. Would be great for room dividers.