Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Night In My New Apartment

It seems like years ago already, but the move-out was just last Wednesday. It was brutal. We began at 8:00 am and worked hard until around 6-7pm. The movers left and I swept up, in the dark basically, and closed the door on the apartment I had lived in for nineteen years. It was oddly unceremonious, considering how much had happened there. I then went next door to spend the night with friends. Next day, I took Frankie to her local "dog hotel", drove my car to the dealership and sold it back to them, then boarded a train bound for New York City.

 I got to Brooklyn around 8:30pm on Thursday night (Jan. 24). Here is a photo of the morning after, minutes before the movers and all my belongings arrived. You see a few boxes arranged to function as tables and coat racks. The boxes were the packaging for the West Elm Tilary Sofa I had delivered months ago, thinking I would be moving in sooner rather than later. It works well as a casual sofa and as a single guest bed. Plus I got it on sale! I had to take the "in stock" fabric choice, which would not have been my first choice but I was willing to do that to save $300! Anyway I have all my printed pillows to liven it up! I have to say the sofa was very comfortable for sleeping, which came in very handy for me that first night.

The movers showed up the next morning around 10 am. Move-in was a little easier than move-out but it was still very chaotic. Luckily I had worked out a floor plan so that I could have the furniture placed exactly where I wanted it. I have a few heavy pieces and I didn't want to risk having to move them around myself. 

Frankie was driven down from Boston by my good friends. They enjoyed spending one night with me and, once again, the sofa was put to good use and got rave reviews!

The photo above was taken just a few minutes ago. There have been about 3 days of unpacking already and I obviously have a long way to go. There are, of course, a lot of distractions here plus I have to get Frankie acclimated. 

Here is Frankie at a local dog run, hanging with some of the other Brooklyn dogs. She is fitting right in!

I'll check back in when there are fewer boxes.

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  1. Oh, that must have been a very tiring day for you, Susan! But I think it paid off as you laid your back comfortably on your sofa, after moving in. And I’m glad that you enjoyed unpacking your things on your new “home”.

    Lakia Shaffer