Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spoonflower Shop

Hello everyone! Even though I am still surrounded by boxes, I've started to focus on work again. There are a few ideas brewing. I may be making quite a few changes in how I sell my designs plus I am trying to work out at least one new stamp set. I need to have the "Garden Party" set stock replenished and would like to bring back the very popular "Filigree Garden". I've been out of that set for awhile but, the way my stamp maker works, it is most cost-effective to wait until I have at least three sets to have made at one time.

The other thing I am working on, as of today, is to open up my own Spoonflower shop. You may have  noticed the new cute little Spoonflower flag on the upper right-hand column. If you click on that, it will take you directly to the Yardwork (@ Spoonflower) shop. It will take me a while to fully "stock" the shop with fabric prints since I have to have sample swatches printed and shipped to myself to be sure the colors are all working properly. Right now, the shop contains three (out of five) different prints as part of my whimsical "Garden Party" Collection. These three patterns are available because I have already sampled them in the past. Two were part of a group, called "Garden Party Mix" that I sold on Etsy way back when. The third one, seen in the lower right corner of the photo below, had to be revised so it has to be sampled again to be sure nothing is wacky with the file.

To this group I am adding my "Greenware" pattern which has already been sampled...

And my "Colored Lace" pattern. The colors are the same so I am not expecting any problems.

I think of it as (A) the garden, (B) the silverware, and (C) the table cloth = Garden Party! Hmmm I could add (D) the party lights but I think I will just move on to another collection after that!

So much fun!

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