Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back Down the Hallway

This moving process is unbelievably long and time consuming. I imagine that you are tired of hearing me talk about it and not giving more tutorials and design ideas. Believe me, so am I! Can not wait to get back to making things and sharing things. I thought about making an announcement and simply putting my blog "on vacation", but this could go on for months! Packing and cleaning does go in fits and starts, so I'd like to continue to use the brief moments of downtime to poke my head in and say "Hi".

I was thinking about my dark hallway design challenge and how I never showed you the very final results with the carpeting removed. I have been wanting to get rid of that carpet for years and I think it looks SO much better. So happy I took the time. I realize these photos are dark but that is because it is what it is: a long dark hallway.

Before painting, choosing colors

After painting, before carpet removal (still hanging artwork)

After (now!)

As of this morning, I am scheduled to have my apartment on the market beginning on September 11th, with the public open house being the weekend of September 15th. My apartment needs some work (painting, kitchen renovation), and I'm selling it that way so that the buyer can create what they want. However, I think it was important to fix the hallway so that, when people first walk in the door, they have a more positive first impression. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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