Thursday, May 10, 2012

Still a dark hallway, but......

I think it looks good. Not perfect, but good. Different.

The colors I chose are all Benjamin Moore colors. Pashmina, Kasbah, and Pecos Spice. The Kasbah and Pecos Spice colors compliment the dark woodwork and the Pashmina is a lighter neutral that is nice with both colors and the wood. The Pecos Spice is at one end of the hall, near the front door. Since there is no real entryway, I hope it somehow gives the illusion of one. This will be more convincing when I take up the carpet, have the floors sanded, and place a very "important" rug there. Next we have Kasbah and Pashmina, opposite each other down the long, dark stretch of hallway. They are different enough in both color and value to keep you from feeling like the walls are closing in on you. I really wanted to use a deep rich color like Kasbah but it would have been too much on both walls.  The Pashmina reflects the lavender in the Kasbah and looks quite beautiful.

Very hard to photograph, but this will give you an idea -

OK, almost impossible to photograph! This is when I was in the middle of hanging artwork so there is trash all over the floor. Pashmina on the left, Kasbah on the right, and Pecos Spice down at the end.

Pashmina behind a funny painting by my late husband, Robert Kaufman. Those are cars exploding out of a volcano of highway madness! Looking good with the pale lime green bathroom to the left. 

On the opposite wall we have Kasbah and it's looking really purple here! It changes with the light. All of these colors are most intense at night. I love the green and red accents in the artwork against the purple. That is a silkscreen by A. Peck of Bella Muse. She has a website but I purchased this from her on a NYC street corner years ago. The other artwork is a figure drawing by a friend of mine, Amanda Bereny.

And another by my husband. Something about real estate greed. Color behind: Pecos Spice. This is my "foyer". Notice my lovely new pendant light (seen in top right corner).

And this is the opposite wall. Here we are surrounded by Pecos Spice. The collage in the bottom right corner is by Ivan Majdrakoff who was my husband's teacher and mentor. And a very good friend. Anyway, I love the reflection of the lamp on the glass, looking like another collage element.

This is where Pecos Spice and Kasbah meet. The little sliver of red you see in the bottom left corner is a tiny bedroom.......

which you see again here. Looks good!

So, let's review. Does it look anything like my inspirational photo?

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