Monday, September 17, 2012

Printed Pillows

Pillows are such a great way to showcase your hand-printed fabric. And I love gathering lots of different styles together to create a very casual, mix & match home decor. Here is my collection sitting happily on my very tired looking sofa. This sofa is not going with me to Brooklyn! These pillows need a new home.

From left to right we have "Flower Field" by Skinny laMinx, then one of mine peeking out from behind, then two by JezzePrints (Henri Kuikens shop on Etsy), "Tiled" and "Brown Leaves". Last one on the right is another one of mine. I hope I may be so bold to put myself in such fabulous company!

I need to expand my collection, adding a few from different people. The more the merrier! Here are three that I have had my eye on for some time.

From Giardino

I did a quick search for "hand printed pillows" on Etsy and made some new discoveries!

I love the fun, simple motifs from Kari Fisher Design. And I love the way she has allowed the printing to be very textural and imperfect. 

Not only beautiful, but good examples of alternative ways to arrange your motifs. EarthLab has many very colorful and playful pillows.

Less is more! One bold stripe right across the middle of a simple white pillow. Then, it is made even more fabulous with the bright yellow-green pom poms on the corners. I love it! From Regan's Brain.

I feel so very inspired now! If only my fabrics and fabric paint are not already packed. Someday soon!