Monday, July 9, 2012

Time to Move

Finally I have found my new home. Hopefully. If the real estate gods cooperate. I am really going to be MIA now! Here comes the reality of packing. My least favorite thing. Much more fun to walk around Brooklyn. 

So many crazy sights, like this wacky cafe nestled beside a subway entrance. It's July and they still have their Christmas wreath up. Why not? It's so festive!

And then you have these charming little gems tucked away on side streets. It looks like a building in a much smaller town. Lovely isn't it?

A very appealing row of restaurants!

Many small independent clothing boutiques.....

...just a few blocks away from where the major discount retailers are moving in. I wonder which side will win. Hopefully there will be peaceful co-existance!

A very dynamic and rapidly changing area. Excited to be part of it, even if I remain only a spectator. I was very taken with these painted sentences on this parking garage but could not find a signature or company name. Believe it or not, all I had to do was google the phrase "Euphoria Is You For Me" to find out it is a love letter to Brooklyn. Just perfect.

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