Friday, June 29, 2012

Easy Breezy Curtains

I really should be packing, not only for this weekend's Brooklyn walk-around, but for the eventual enormous move. However, I just couldn't resist testing out my curtain idea. I found this lovely cotton voile fabric that has very finished looking selvedges, leaving only the top and bottom to hem and trim in one way or another. I put the top trim on weeks ago and they have been just sitting around waiting for what would be next.

I kept moving the unfinished curtains from place to place until today when I thought to myself, "keep it simple". I grabbed my favorite "Modern Flowers" stamp and a fabric stamp pad and make a sweet border along the bottom. I added the same trim I used on top to the bottom edge, without the loops of course.

As nice as the bottom trim looked, I decided the curtains would drape better without it, so I removed it and made a simple hem. Next time I will make a deeper hem as I think it would look even nicer. But these are lovely and this window was in need of a summer sun filter!

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