Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Brooklyn Weekend

Loving Brooklyn more and more. Feels very much like it could be my new home, if I could just find the specific address meant for me!

I'll tell you a little more about myself. I lived in NYC during the eighties and absolutely loved it. Moved there from Houston, Texas on January 1, 1980 and left late July of 1990. I had an all too brief career as a textile designer, working almost exclusively in the home furnishings side of things (as opposed to fashion). Left because, in the summer of 1989, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Both my husband and I worked as freelancers, so we took off looking for employment that offered health insurance. If you know anything about health insurance in the USA, you will understand this. And I will not choose this time or place to go into my views on that!

Not really my best foot! Should have put my right one forward. Anyway, fast-forward to the present, my husband tragically passed away over two years ago and my beautiful daughter is off on her own. In fact, she is hoping to find employment and move to NYC also. Why would I stay here? I am telling you all of this in hopes that you will understand why I am away so much, pounding the pavements of Brooklyn, NY.  I am searching and searching for the next new chapter of my life.

Enjoying the pretty tree-lined streets of Fort Greene, Brooklyn on a hot summer day! There is a really nice flea market here during the summers on Saturday. "Really nice" means it is not just a big yard sale.  It is a great mix of vintage, antique, and hand-made items. 

Loved the curly and swirly iron work on this elegant Brooklyn brownstone. People on the ground floor always have window protectors. They can be very unattractive, looking like prison gates, but these are wonderfully decorative. The flower in the middle reminds me of my "Garden Party" flower. And I find myself using those curly swirls in my fabric designs quite often! In fact, I have to make an effort not to. Here is a close-up.

It is frustrating because, as I search, I keep coming up with more product ideas so that I can stock my etsy shop, but do not have the time to do the work. I really want to make some stenciled curtains. Have lots of ideas and, in between apartment hunting, I have visited some really great fabric and trim shops in Manhattan. Yes, I have to move there.....

Here is a bag idea I was developing months ago. Where has the time gone? Simple leather bag with hand-printed trim. The trim is the shiny side of a beautiful swatch of green hemp/silk which I hand-stamped (that favorite stamp of mine) and then vinylized. You know I love that iron-on vinyl. This way the fabric is protected and the whole bag can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. I attached trim to bag with heavy black thread in a zig-zag stitch. Hopefully someday I will make more of these. Next Christmas? Right now, I am enjoying this one as my handy traveling camera bag.

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