Friday, April 8, 2016

A Little Bit of Inspiration

My cousin shared a blog post today on my (personal) Facebook page by someone who was "all about" hexagon quilts. It featured a photo of this really cool fabric by Japanese designer Etsuko Furuya.

Sorry, could not find a larger image!

Well, of course, being me, I immediately saw the bee image as a stamp. Or, more specifically, this fabric design could be a hexagon quilt made up of mostly solid colored fabrics along with randomly spaced hexagons that feature a nicely centered stamped image. And, of course, I design and sell fabric stamps, so that is why I thought of this!

It is frustrating to me because I do not quilt. I have dabbled in quilting, as many of you have seen on this blog, but I certainly can not throw together a hexagon quilt, featuring lovely stamped motifs, to show as inspiration. I can only try my best to explain it and hope somebody will think it's a good idea!

My sister is working on a hexagon quilt similar to this one. Impressive!

That photo comes from Brigitte Goblin, who I have never heard of until right this moment, but there are some beautiful quilts on her website! This one is a bit more elaborate than what I had in mind, however. 

This is a vintage quilt, found at Cindys Antique Quilts. Perhaps a stamped image in the center of the diamonds would be nice. Or maybe that would be too....contrived? Fixed? I like the more all-over spacing of the Japanese Bee fabric.

Or this!

When you have to cut - I think they call it fussy cut (for good reason!) - your fabric so that a motif is placed exactly in the center of your quilting piece, it does result in a lot of waste. So, I do encourage you to try printing the piece yourself! You could get so much mileage out of plain white, or ivory, fabric. 

And speaking of Facebook, I do have a page for Yardwork!

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