Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Gifts

Happy Valentine's Day!

I did it. I made my first quilted pillowcase with big fat tassels on the corners! As you see, I used my handprinted and dyed fabrics featured in my last blog post. I just knew they would come in handy. I was quite inspired! Perhaps I am biased, but I think the handprinted fabric adds character and whimsy that you don't get with commercially printed fabric. And the tassels help too!

I also continued to go overboard and added a handprinted tank top to my handprinted boxer shorts so it is now a complete pajama set! So fun to make. 

The tank top is a racerback style, which gave me the perfect opportunity to create this groovy little arrangement of motifs on the back. I have already given my daughter this gift and she was thrilled! 

Contemporary bohemian!

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