Saturday, March 14, 2015

Natural Dye Cotton Print from India on SALE Now!

Last year I was so excited to open this shipment of my "Wildflower" design printed on cotton with  vegetable dyes. I arranged the printing through an organization I found that works to keep the small artisan textile printing traditions alive in India. The base cloth is first soaked in a bath made of harda power, which results in the perfect off-white cream color. It is then block printed in black with the natural Bagru  paint known as Shy.

It's a very dazzling print and looks fabulous twisted and turned in this long infinity scarf.

However, months ago, I pulled it from the "by the yard" option in my Etsy shop. Why? Well, although one expects quirky imperfections from block printed fabric, this print was ever so slightly but consistently "off-grain" along the width of the fabric. You can see this in the upper edge of the torn fabric in the photo above. 

But, as you see in the photo above, when the fabric is torn down the length, the motifs line up very nicely. So, that is always going to have to be the straight edge if you need one. 

And yet, I used the width of the fabric when I made this lovely half apron. As you can see, it looks perfectly fine! It's when you get into larger items, like a table cloth, that it gets into trouble.

I think it could definitely be used in quilting, as the motifs are easier to line up in smaller pieces. 


With the spring 2015 black & white fashion trend, this fabric is too nice for me to hold back and for you to pass up! Asymmetrical and curved hems are very much in fashion, along with loosely fitted kimono tops and peasant blouses. Lots of mixed-up crazy black & white patterns!

from the

from Anthropology

It would be beautiful in a top like the linen one above. 

100% cotton, natural dye, on-trend.

Only $6.00 USD a yard!

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