Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fashion Wanderings

One benefit of living in the city is that I can observe the summer fashion trends and give Frankie her much needed exercise, all at the same time!

For new readers, one-time readers, and those who have simply forgotten; this is Frankie!

And what I am seeing in the windows of small Brooklyn boutiques is very loosely fitted clothing...

...showcasing ethnic prints. 

Lots of spaghetti straps and gathers. Here we have a short tired dress with an American Indian influence.

This is from a larger national chain in my neighborhood, Lucky Brand. Same loose fit featuring a delicate cotton print from India.

So much reflection on this window, but I hope you can see the interesting use of the striped fabric in this loose fitting dress!

More very loose tops with flowing maxi shirts.

Another gathered neckline. The high/lo hems are also very popular!

The easy breezy summer of 2014!

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