Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Packaging Odds and Ends

Does everyone know about Groupon? Not sure when or why I joined, but I get emails everyday offering discount coupons for various restaurants, services, products, etc. Which could be dangerous but most of the time I just ignore them. Now and then one catches my eye (and my credit card). The best so far has been this special offer from Vistaprint, an online printing service. The price was more than half off and it was just the thing to get me thinking more about my packaging.

I wrap most of the items I sell in plain paper before I put them in an envelope or box for shipping and now I have this lovely sticker to dress things up a bit! 

Or, for smaller packages, I can use this little inch and a half round sticker. Sweet! 

And now, the small set of acrylic blocks I sell in my shop will be coming in their very own muslin bag with my company name and address stamped on it. I had this stamp made locally, by a funny man with a tiny shop in the east village of Manhattan. He made it in one day! It's a very long story but the experience sent me back to a previous challenge. I've looked into making real red rubber stamps for my shop before but the minimum order was so high at every company I found. I just did not want to commit to that many stamps of ONE image. But the tiny shop full of unique stamps renewed my interest and got me thinking and researching again. Happy to report that I have found a solution! But I have to tell you, the red rubber stamp business is a whole new can of worms! And it's keeping me from last week's stated goal: to sew up all the velvet fabric I own. Hmmm, well too much to do, no time to do it!

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