Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Creative Cousin

I received a wonderful surprise in an email last week from my cousin Laura. Laura is a prize winning quilter living in Alabama. Months ago I sent her one of my fat quarter/four patterns swatches without either of us knowing how she was going to use it.

I am so impressed and pleased that she was able to combine the different prints, as busy as they are, in such a successful way. I think the transparent fabric works to soften the contrasting pattern, plus you can find what you are looking for without even having to unzip! Laura said she used a clear shower curtain liner, with a slight texture, which worked much better than the vinyl fabric she had purchased at the fabric store. Great idea! I've thought of using shower curtain liners as sort of a water-proofing in between layers of fabric, but it's fabulous seeing it working on the exterior. Hey, I might have to borrow her idea at some point! She used a pattern from Atkinson Designs for these adorable bags. 

Sadly I don't sell the fabric in my shop anymore. I became somewhat concerned about the washability of digitally printed fabric and didn't feel right promoting it. I think it is perfectly fine for an item that is not going to be washed frequently, such as a zipper bag, but I wouldn't recommend it for home decor or a heirloom quilt. 

Anyway, I've been going back and forth on how to deal with gift-giving season! I finally came up with a placemat design that I'm happy with. I must have made five to ten different constructions in this placemat journey which will make for a lively table setting if I ever get around to having a dinner party again! Perhaps it's my limited experience with sewing but I just felt the need to make mock-ups rather than plan on paper. It's the best way to see how long an item takes to make and zero in on the most efficient way to put it together. Plus, I'm a picky perfectionist along with being rather insane!

I taught myself how to sew a mitered corner and then went crazy with it. I was tempted to add yet another layer and may just do that for the next set. I love the pattern layered over pattern and the way the construction results in fluttery, yet finished edges. 

For weeks I've debated about designing several new sets of stamps. I have some designs in the works but, being picky and insane, I just doubt I could do my best and get them made and in the shop in time for Christmas, etc. I'd much rather take my time with them and have the unveiling sometime in early spring. 

So, it looks like I'm in for some hand-printing and obsessive sewing for the next few months! Let's see what I can come up with......

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