Sunday, September 15, 2013

Trying to Piece it All Together

I'm holding a lot of ideas in my head and trying to take my time to carefully plan them so that they might actually come together someday rather than become half-sewn members of the "didn't quite work out" pile.

However, time doesn't quite work out the way we would like, does it? For example, this is a photo of the lower half of my storage closet which I had to totally unload this week. I switched internet cable companies (long story) and I wanted the wiring done a little better this time, meaning it needed to go behind that large storage shelf. What a nightmare! And, of course, it all needed to be sorted out and downsized once again before it went back in. Anyway, the only place for this "junk" to go was on my work table which certainly put a dent in my product development!

Knowing that nightmare task was on the horizon, I grabbed a few hours beforehand to play around with hand-printing fabric. I had not touched my stencils or stamps in quite awhile and it was like visiting old friends! I wanted to develop some colorful prints for kids that I might pair with Indigo Dots and Boxed Dots which are two hand-prints from India that I carry in my shop. I've always seen those two as being really great for children's items. Of my personal prints, I am the most happy with the top square. I was hoping the three would go together as a mix in a quilt, but now I think they all have very different "looks" so I am going to separate them. They don't play well together!

I'm also considering this high-contrast black, red and white combination. The darker one is something I purchased from another etsy seller and I am not totally convinced it works for a baby quilt. I might also need to add a few solid squares because it's looking a bit busy. All that visual stimulation keeps the babies busy, however, which is a good thing!

I've been trying to work out something to do with this hand-printed swatch of mine for a long time. I've considered making it a half apron or part of a pillow or summer tote. Now I'm thinking about adding a border with this other very lovely swatch from India that I bought from this great shop and making it a wholecloth baby quilt. Interesting mix of contemporary and traditional, I think. Plus, I love green. But, do babies love green - or rather do parents love green for their babies? Would love some feedback on that! Maybe it should be a table cloth......

And this is where I come face to face with indecision and stare off into space. Then, Frankie starts barking at me. 

She is not at all comfortable with the artistic process!

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