Monday, September 9, 2013

So Many Projects, So Few Blog Posts

I've been working away on greeting cards and, therefore, have not made a blog post for awhile because I can't really share those images until they are produced. I'm working on winter holiday season 2014, so don't hold your breath for the results!

In the meantime, I'm always plotting and planning new fabric-related projects. One or two of you out there may have wondered what ever happened to this quilt (oh my, almost a year ago!) and I want to reassure you that I have not forgotten it! I'm just somewhat immobilized, wondering how that is going to achieve final quilt status. Hand quilted, machine quilted? And I need to learn and practice before I finish that particular one, with all the lovingly hand-printed fabric involved, because it's made up of a very high thread count pima cotton which shows every needle mark. In other words, no do-overs. Live and learn.....

I can learn just about everything online, but it's always nice to go to an actual class. Get out of the house, meet some nice people, get all your questions answered as you try out new techniques. Months ago I took a hand-quilting class at Purl Soho, which was fantastic. Beautiful store and lots of information but I just don't think I am ever going to find the time to hand-quilt. Sorry. So, this past weekend, I took a class in machine quilting at the City Quilter. Now, as shopping environments go, along with fabric selection, I much prefer Purl Soho (have not compared prices but my guess is Purl is way more expensive!), but the machine quilting class was much more practical in general. I learned quite a few handy things that can be used in general sewing as well as quilting.

This is my little sampler! Definitely need to work on my quilt sandwich making!

So the plan is to try to make up some simple baby quilts and/or throw quilts out of my lovely fabric from India. The fabric is doing quite well in my shop. I have basically sold out of Black Leaf. I have a few odd pieces that I hope to use in a quilt. Indigo Flower is a real favorite with Etsy shoppers, so that will be the next to sell out. But a few of the choices are not quite catching on and I think seeing them as products could motivate some sales. And, of course, winter holiday season 2013 is right around the corner!

I'm also plotting and planning how and when and from where I will get some more beautiful hand-printed fabric!

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