Friday, March 2, 2012

Charm Square Sewing Projects

As promised, a few simple sewing projects using the hand-printed charm squares from last week. Of course, there are many many more uses for these simple squares. They can be incorporated into any sort of quilting project and are easily sewn into fabric coasters, sachets, gift bags, card holders, and more!


This cottage style wristlet has just been listed in my shop, where you can see more photos and a detailed description. I used two matching hand-printed charm squares on the front of the bag and one of my favorite vintage fabric swatches on the back and on the strap. Printing with the ink pads does give the design a more faded or weathered look, which I think can be very appealing and works well with this casual, vintage look. The charm squares are separated by this fabulous hand-printed satin ribbon which I acquired through a fabric swap with Jesse Breytenbach. Jesse, otherwise known as Jezze, has a wonderful blog full of inspiring visuals, hand-printed fabric items, tutorials and more! Check it out. 

A zipper bag using two charm squares on either side along with squares of 100% hemp canvas. Also availible in my shop.

This sweet bag only uses 1/2 of a charm square. Just enough to make this solid blue velvet bag special. And, as common as they are, I love pearl snaps! This bag will make a great gift pouch for my niece who has a birthday next month.

Hopefully by early next week I will have a few no-sew (my favorite!) charm square projects.

Have a nice weekend!

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