Thursday, August 6, 2015

Four New Indigo Prints! Beautiful Hand-dyed Cotton from India.

Hello everybody, I'm back to my blogging! And for starters, I'm blogging with the blues - the indigo blues, that is, which is actually quite a serene state of mind!

See what I mean? Don't you feel more tranquil just looking at them?

No, they are not my original and exclusive designs as I had hoped, but they came without any of the frustration a project like that brings about (see previous post!). I couldn't go the whole summer without a few new natural hand-dyed cotton prints from India in the shop. Indigo is still very much the rage for both bohemian fashion and home decor. I'm really wanting to make some decorative pillows based on this charm square pillow idea! But don't wait for me because I'm also VERY busy designing some new clear stamps and putting together some fabric printing starter kits for gift giving!

Lots of new things popping up at Yardwork in the next few months!

So, stay tuned!

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