Thursday, February 12, 2015

Busy Sewing!

Hey, everyone! Haven't checked in for awhile because I've been busy with (A) life, and (B) sewing.

I did finally finish  my hand printed quilt! As you can see, the cotton batting shrank, giving the quilt that cozy old-time look.

Here you can see more of the back side, which I love. I love the rusty yellow with the dark green binding. My niece had a baby, so I sent the quilt as a gift. I hope to make more someday for my Etsy shop.

I did add these two aprons to my shop. I sold one made with my Exotic Flower fabric and received such nice feedback from the customer, I was inspired to make more! 

I'm trying to make a few wallets, or clutches, and other types of bags using my shweshwe fabric. These two are made with the very lovely "Onions" pattern and are based on my Easy Fabric Clutch tutorial. The proportions are a little different and I used the shweshwe "Onions" for the whole outside of the clutch, with just a little men's shirting fabric for the edge and interior. It's very fun to play around with the fabric placement on this pattern! And you could use as little as 3" x width of your clutch of some specialty fabric (such as shweshwe) along with something a little less expensive and still have a very wonderful result!

And I used two hot orange shweshwe fabrics, "Dots" and "Minaret Windows" for a cosmetic pouch based on my Drop Cloth Dopp Kit Tutorial. Rather than use the water-resistant drop cloth fabric, I inserted shower curtain fabric between the exterior and interior fabrics. It is super water-resistant!

These bags are not listed in the shop yet. I am waiting until I have several more (hopefully!) I'm getting ready for a little shweshwe fabric promotion I'll be taking part in starting February 17th.

I'll let you know more about that later!

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