Monday, September 15, 2014

Acrylic Stamping Blocks with Handles and Fabric Printing Starter Set

After spending the last year or so promoting hand printed fabric from India, along with the dazzling batik-like fabrics from Africa, I want to return to and expand my own line of clear stamps. However, after a lot of thought, I've decided to wait until after the big run-up to Christmas to introduce new designs. The stamp sets take quite awhile to design and refine, then to get samples and make any necessary changes. It doesn't make sense to rush it, plus I'm not totally convinced that people buy the stamp sets as a gift item. Although I think they make great gifts, especially as a stocking stuffer, my instinct and experience tells me that craft stamps are something people like to buy for themselves! Still, I need to have some sort of business strategy for the big shopping holiday, so I'm going to focus on increasing stamp sales by promoting other stamping accessories.

For years now I've been selling this set of acrylic blocks to use with my stamp sets. Acrylic stamp mounts can be quite expensive, but I was able to search and find a source so that I could offer a set of four, all sized to fit the various stamp sizes in my sets, for a very reasonable price. People have been very happy with them and they have sold well. 

However, if you have ever tried printing on fabric with fabric paint, you know what a messy process it is!  So, I searched and searched but was unable to find acrylic blocks with handles, which would really help with keeping the fingers free of paint. I'm really shocked that something like this has not been manufactured, it seems like such an obvious solution. I decided I would just have to make them myself. I purchased these little acrylic knobs and some special glue made especially for joining acrylic to acrylic. And since I really love precision printing, I've carefully added simple horizontal and vertical guidelines with my handy X-Acto knife. Yes, I would prefer that some large plastics company would manufacture these for me but I think it's best to start small and see how well they can sell. I'm selling one 3" x 3" and one 1" x 3.5" block as a set along with my favorite paint applicator, a sponge stippler made by Royal.

Then, I took it another step and put together what I'm calling a "Fabric Printing Starter Set". I found this set of top quality fabric paint in nine basic colors that I am offering along with a choice of two Yardwork Clear Decor stamp sets, the fabric stamping block and sponge set, and this really handy 6" x 4" stamp scrubber. I find the stamp scrubbers to be really helpful when printing with more than one color. I only have five of the scrubbers, so I will only be able to sell five starter sets - so, get yours now! At only $35.00, it's a really good deal. 

And don't we all love one stop shopping?

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