Friday, May 9, 2014

Pillow Update

Alas, all is not lost! Everyday is a new beginning and I began my day today, after walking Frankie of course, by looking at the other half of what used to be the beginning of a table runner. That's right, the other half of the hand printed swatch I blogged about two days ago. Perhaps you thought life in Brooklyn was more exciting…….anyway, since the pillow making for that side had not yet begun, I had the chance to arrange it so it would be centered in every direction this time around. Of course I hesitated for a moment, thinking perhaps I should arrange the swatch so it was in the same position as the two-days-ago pillow. I would have had a complete pair had I done that which would have been fabulous! But no, I went with my more fussy instincts and made it perfect this time. I will keep the other off-center one for my own enjoyment. It does look really nice with my ever growing assortment of hand printed pillows!

Not bad, right? It is now in my shop at a price that just barely covers the time I spent on it. I would love to have a whole shop section of intricately printed and pieced accent pillows but will have to figure out a way to not lose money on them. That is the challenge. Anyway, since I still have more of this particular print left, along with the green and natural linen, more can be made by request. But if you are reading this and want to order, it's best to contact me through my Etsy shop

While I was at it, I decided to pull this little gem of a pillow out of the archives. I have a pair of these but I am selling them individually. Easy to buy two, however, you just select "2" on the drop down menu. 

Have a nice weekend everyone! 

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