Thursday, April 3, 2014


I've been away so long, and not only from my blog and shop but also from my home here in Brooklyn. I just returned last night from a week in Austin, Texas where I visited my mother and sister. This visit was timed so that I could also have a one night reunion with several cousins on my father's side of the family.

Here is a photo from the cousin reunion in Wimberly, Texas. Wimberly is about an hour drive from Austin, which made it a very easy and pleasant overnight visit. I love the dry and rugged Texas landscape. Unfortunately, as inviting as that pool looks, the weather was still too cold to swim. We are going to push the reunion date to later in April for next year's reunion for that very reason!

It's amazing how long a week away can feel. I'm having to readjust to big Brooklyn city life! There is, of course, always a lot of catching up to do when I've been away for any length of time. I have some new African fabric to photograph and put on my shop web page. I'm also trying to give design direction through email to India for some new cotton prints! Very exciting but complicated and, once again, risky. If I can't get the results I want, I may have to abandon the whole project. Next on the list, and long overdue, is carving out some time to design more clear decor stamp sets. Last but not least, I want to try to focus more on this blog! I have photos all ready for a sewing tutorial and I've had a request for more fabric printing tutorials. Perhaps I can present a quick printing tip tomorrow. Stay tuned!

I love hearing from my customers and blog followers! Recently I received an email from the very talented bride who purchased yards and yards of fabric to create some lovely table toppers for her wedding reception. Being not only creative but also conscientious, she has now repurposed the fabric to make this charming quilt. 

Such an interesting take on a traditional layout!

And the back is even more unique!

Can you believe this was the first quilt she has ever made?

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