Sunday, January 5, 2014

Table Topper for a Summer Wedding

I received a gift New Year's Day in the form of a fabulously rewarding email (with photos!) from a happy Yardwork customer. This past August, a bride-to-be from Australia purchased yards and yards of my imported hand-printed fabric. She mentioned to me that the yardage was for DIY table top wedding decorations for her upcoming December wedding. Knowing December is the height of summer weather in Australia, I thought to myself "how perfect!"

Such a fresh, airy, and casual look! Weddings do not all have to be formal and overly expensive! Isn't the hand-stamped table marker with the candle charming? I love the simple string tying it all together. Hilary created a centerpiece with the fabric, providing a decorative focus on top of the crisp white tablecloth. 

Different fabric colors were used for different tables, which I'm sure helped people find their assigned seat. To battle the heat, along with plenty of electric ceiling and floor fans, a paper Japanese fan was placed at every table setting. A simply beautiful idea!

Here you can see all the different tables being set. The clean, bright room with the painted wooden walls reminds me of what you might find along the northeast coast here in the USA.

I am so pleased that Hilary shared her wedding photos with me and allowed me to share her creative thinking with you! I am always thrilled to hear from my customers. 

Happy 2014 everyone!

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