Friday, December 20, 2013

A Lesson Learned?

You most likely guessed what lesson I learned from my pile of one-of-a-kind (as opposed to matching sets) placemats, along with all my other sewn items that were never put up for sale in my shop. Yes, that's right, sewing for me is not a good business plan! Sad, but true. I just have a hard time being satisfied with what I make. That is less of a problem with a two dimensional design, particularly on a computer, because changes are easy to make. Too easy in fact! I can really go in circles there! And the other thing is, I would much rather figure out a new and better way to make something than make multiples and multiples of one thing. And I think in order to make money, one has to be able to do the sewing in their sleep.

And so I've been trying to decide if I can resist making things out of the fabric I sell. And I do want to expand on the fabric choices in my shop!

Who could resist this??

This type of fabric is generally known as an African Wax Print and is very popular in West and Central Africa. Although the best known manufacturer is in Holland, the designs are geared for the African market. I purchased this pillow at an art fair this past summer because it was such a fabulous example of this intriguing fabric. I would love to carry some of these prints in my shop but while doing the necessary research, I have learned there is a lot of history and controversy to sort out! Although there are other Etsy shops selling it, the look is a little unusual for the US market. It might be better to introduce a few prints by making some fashion items that could show it off. Which brings me back to sewing. Oh dear!

The other issue is, although it certainly fits with my "yards and yards of artwork" idea, I'm not so sure it fits the current hand-printed aesthetic of Yardwork. Time for a new shop?

Oh, who knows…. I think I'm just restless. 

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