Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Fabric Prints

I've had a few design projects cooking in the background and it's been slow-going seeing results. But I am very excited today because I just received my test swatches from Spoonflower and they look good! In order to quickly stock my Spoonflower Shop, I've started with the designs I already had on hand which make use of my Clear Decor Stamp motifs. My idea has been that people could combine hand-printed fabric with the digitally printed fabric. OR, for those who like my stamp designs but are not interested in hand-printing, they can enjoy using a pretty selection of already-printed fabrics. Some of these prints you have seen before in my "One Fat Quarter, Four Designs" fabric (now discontinued), however, I have reduced the size of the motifs and repeats to work even better for quilting, trimming, and other piece-work projects.

I've made a few color changes as well on a few designs. The "Garden Companions" group, for example, is now much more of an emerald green rather than olive as it was before.


"Tiny Leaves"

This print, called "Ground Cover" benefited the most with the color change! I also changed the orientation of the leaves so that it is a diamond layout rather than a check.

And this one called "Loop Vine" has changed both in color and design. A very fun and intense little stripe!

I have added only one new group, so far, and it is based on the "Filigree Garden" stamps (which will also be available again as stamps soon!). It has a traditional/vintage feel to it and a much deeper and "dusty" coloring. 



"Comma Dot"

"Victorian Flower"

The only group that still needs work is the "Modern Flowers" group, which is actually my favorite so it is very worth it to me to get it right! The red is just not deep enough. So, stay tuned for that one!

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