Friday, November 16, 2012

Fabric Source!


I know, it has been a long time. So much happening. I finally got approval to be a part of the coop building in Brooklyn. With all this talk of coops, you might be wondering how that is different from a condo. Basically, when you purchase a condo, you OWN that apartment. With a coop, you are actually only buying a SHARE of the building, and all the apartment dwellers in a coop building are shareholders. Like a big, disorganized (from what I can tell from how long it took to be approved) corporation. Yikes! Sounds serious! So, in another week or so, I will be "closing", meaning I will be an official shareholder and will live in a certain percentage of the building (my chosen apartment). Weird, I know. Complicated. Move-in date has been tentatively set for January 14th. Why so long? Well, there needs to be a certain amount of work (basically refreshing) done before I can move in. I have a moderate budget set up to make "my percentage" a home! Get ready for some home renovation posts in the near future....

Meanwhile, I found this fabulous source for beautiful and very reasonably priced fabric on! It's the Fabric Treasury brought to you by Anne George. Rather than try to describe, I will send you to her "About" page here.

This was the first to catch my eye. Beautiful unbleached natural fabric with a woven pattern of small dotted circles. This would be really fun to embellish with stamps or embroidery. I would be doing this right now if I was not in the middle of a life-changing event! Can't wait to settle down and get back to work.....

This is another unbleached natural that would lend itself well to a hand-printed repeat. 

Don't feel like printing your own fabric? Look at Anne's beautiful prints!

Once I get back to my "real life", I want to at least buy a bundle of fat quarters. Anne has several choices, but the flax/linen (above) are my favorite. Beautiful colors!

I could have kept this source a secret but it's too good not to share. Please, save some for me!


  1. Congrats on the final approval! Hope you'll be able to get back to "real life" soon!

  2. Ha Ha! Thanks Jesse, great to see you!