Friday, August 3, 2012

More Blog Fun!

I received an email through etsy (just click the CONTACT button, it's the best way to reach me!) from another friendly customer, Lou from Australia. Lou purchased several stamp sets from me a few months ago and wanted to show me her fabulous results (photo above!) Take a look at Lou's blog for more photos and her special tip for making the solid fabric to match her hand-printed fabric. Lou also has her own etsy shop!

And then today I got an email alert telling me that one of my digitally printed fabric swatches was featured on this fun and informative blog by Sarah from Michigan (US). I found it interesting that Sarah imagines using my fabric to cover one of the books she makes because I started my etsy shop with hand-printed and dyed fabric bookcloth! It was a very elaborate and time consuming technique that produced beautiful, although very imperfect, results. However, I found it difficult to sell this product at a price that could cover time + materials so I decided to focus on creating a wide range of pattern-making stamps so that others might enjoy this process. Below are a few examples of my bookcloth (vintage Yardwork!). You might recognize some early versions of motifs, which were hand-carved, that later became clear decor stamps.

Green Standing Waves

Grey Dotty Diamond

Red Garden Party

Dusty Lavender Curlycue Square

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