Monday, March 19, 2012

Fabric Paint Test Results

A little late with my test results because it took me awhile to wash and dry these swatches three times! They went in with some heavy clothing or towels and were washed and dried at hot temperatures, so they have been through plenty of wear and tear (plus some unraveling!). There is some fading, but not too bad considering what they went through. We don't usually treat our hand-painted fabric this way, do we? I think the SoSoft fabric paint preformed the best on the plain cotton quilting fabric. The pale green canvas swatch became creased in the experiment and there was more fading on those crease lines. Remember, even commercial fabric will fade some. Now, an interesting test would be to do the same with paints that normally require heat setting. Possibly after 48 drying time (and no ironing), they would preform just as well.



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  1. Interesting! It seems like the paint is something similar to the combination of fabric paint and cold-cure medium that I use, so it's possible that an even longer drying time would improve the durability. But given what you put the swatches through, that's really not bad.